Cyanotype Workshops

Bethany Beach Art House hosts cyanotype printing events. Past events were held for a wide variety of age groups. Everyone from young children to retirees enjoy creating beautiful hand made prints on a sunny day.

Events for summer 2018 will be posted soon. 🙂

Cyanotype printing workshops may also be reserved in advance. Please email for more information about reservations.


A cyanotype image prepared for exposure with dried plants. A few minutes in the sun and it is like magic.


The photographic image is processed in shade with tap water. Simply repeatedly rinsing the paper removes the unexposed chemicals. Blank paper apppear wherever the paper was covered completely with subtle tones between white and dark blues.


After processing cyanotype photos are air dried. They can be flattened with time and pressure or placed into a heat press to flatten the processed image.

Cyanotype Fun!

Cyanotype Magic!